Yuengling is Coming to Texas

In case you haven’t heard, Yuengling is coming to Texas! The nation’s oldest brewery is expanding production into the Lone Star State through Molson Coors, and they aren’t taking any risks with this brew’s special formula and recipe. On Friday, May 7th, the four Yuengling sisters (Jennifer, Wendy, Debbie, and Sheryl) sealed an original recipe book into a wooden crate destined for Texas. In seeking to deliver the same high-quality product that has a history of being smuggled into the state, the Yuengling sisters are taking extra steps to reinforce the unique and genuine qualities of Yuengling. The recipe book was delivered in an armored truck and escorted by the Pottsville Police into Fort Worth. Jennifer Yuengling herself chose to accompany in order to ensure the same flavor profile is executed in Texas. The exciting Texas-made cans and bottles of Yuengling beer are expected to hit stores near you in the fall of 2021!

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